Seventeen members told about their dormitory life, “13 members share the same bathroom and 3-4 people shower together”

Seventeen members talked about the difficulties of living in the dormitory.

Seventeen Seungkwan and Vernon appeared as special MCs for the latest broadcast of SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ aired on October 3.

On this day, while talking about learning English, Shin Dongyeop asked Seventeen members, who have many activities overseas, how to speak English. Seungkwan said he only spoke English while performing and made everyone laugh by mentioning some ‘English words for performing’, such as “Make some noise” and “Wow”.


Next, Vernon, whose father is a Korean and his mother is an American, shared that he was born in the U.S but has lived in Korea since he was 5. However, because his mother can’t speak Korean, Vernon speaks to her in English, and that’s why he is fluent in English.


Seungkwan also told the story of how he was embarrassed because of a singing video in the past, so he directly asked the broadcasting station to remove it using his mother’s ID.

After that, Seventeen members mentioned their life in the dormitory. Vernon said the advantage of living in a dorm is that he is not lonely, but the disadvantage turns out to be having no private space. Seungkwan added, “I have no private space at all. I can’t even dare to dream of my own dressing room”. Then, Seo Jang-hoon asked them whether they had enough bathrooms for the whole group. Seungkwan answered, “13 members of our group used to share one bathroom so we promised to shower for only 5 minutes.” and Vernon continued the story, saying, “In those five minutes, there were 3 to 4 members showered together”. They also shared that they recently got their single rooms, so life has been better than it was then.

As 13 men live together, the scale of noodles they cook when the whole group eats at the same time is also unbelievable. Seventeen members said they cooked 20 packs of noodles at one time. Seungkwan shared, “Among us, Mingyu knows how to cook 20 servings without making the noodles swell up”. Then, Shin Dongyeop asked when they thought of living independently and Vernon replied, “I want to raise a cat, but the members have allergies.”

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