Sana’s post sparked controversy on social media, did she edit the post due to malicious comments?

TWICE member Sana has posted her thoughts publicly on the news of the Japanese emperor’s abdication, which has sparked controversy.

Sana, a 23-year-old Japanese member of TWICE, left her thought about the change of Japanese’s era reign name, which happened today, on TWICE’s official SNS account.

Sana posted on TWICE’s official account on April 30th, “As someone who was born during Heisei era, I’m melancholy somehow knowing that Heisei is gonna end, but you did a great job Heisei! Let’s head towards a new start with Reiwa, a spend the last day of Heisei neatly“. The article was written in Japanese and there was no Korean translation.

Since then, there has been a heated debate on social media. There are quite a few netizens who side with Sana, argued that expanding in a different sense is a leap forward and she was just simply expressing her thought as a Japanese. “Just like how we feel when we moved on from the 20th century to the 21st century, she just expressed her feelings about the era change from Heisei to Reiwa,” they said. Sana did not directly mention “the abdication of the Japanese emperor” on social media.

The main content of the article is the expression of regret over the fall of an era that lasted from the 20th century to the 21st century. However, some netizens do not seem to like this. Some pointed out that the abdication of Japan’s Emperor and the reign changing situation is related to Japan’s nationalism and ultranationalism which shouldn’t be mentioned on TWICE’s social accounts. TWICE’s official SNS is being attacked with comments showing anti-Japanese sentiment along with slanderous messages directed at Sana.

Meanwhile, Sana was seen revising some of the text. After a rough translation, the modified parts seem tobe expressed in Japanese dialect. Nothing changed except that the word “toyuyu” which she first used, was modified to the Japanese standard word “toiu”. Some netizens’ are still attacking Sana with malicious comments.

Meanwhile, Sana, who made her debut in the K-pop scene in 2015 as part of girl group TWICE, is from Osaka, Japan.

Sources: Nate

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