Rumored to have a family in LA, “Running Man” Kim Jong Kook confesses, “I go to LA quite often”

Singer Kim Jong Guk, who is rumored to have a secret family in LA, shows his admiration for the ‘LA-style’ Dongducheon city.

The new broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which will air on the afternoon of March 19th, will reveal Kim Joong Kook’s hidden love for LA.

The recent recording was conducted as a “Dongducheon Class” race, which was a tour in Yang Se Chan’s hometown. Known as a small American-style city in Korea, Dongducheon has English signs everywhere on the street, and every citizen the members met could speak English, giving an unfamiliar atmosphere.

Kim jong Kook running man

In addition, all the citizens showed off their American friendliness, and the members couldn’t help but react in amazement, saying “Everyone here is so open-minded”, “The entire neighborhood is full of ENFP people”, etc.

In particular, “LA lover” Kim Jong Kook, who has recently been rumored to have a family in LA, couldn’t hide his excitement. He shared, “I go to LA quite often and this place looks so much like LA”.

He sang the song “Loveable” to a store owner he met for the first time. The two unexpectedly created a unique chemistry after having some English conversations.

Kim jong Kook running man

Surprised by the scene, the members exclaimed, “It’s like watching an American drama”, “This place is like a different world”, etc. Later, Jeon So Min was shocked when Kim Jong Kook made a sweet comment, which is not commonly heard from him. She curiously reacted, “You can speak this beautifully?”.

Kim Jong Kook’s excited appearance when enjoying the ‘LA tour’ in Dongducheon can be seen on “Running Man,” which airs at 6:20 PM on March 19th.

Source: Daum

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