Rosé’s solo album will only have 2 tracks but will be completely different from BLACKPINK’s music

The number of songs in Rosé’s solo album makes Korean netizens dissatisfied.  However, they are still looking forward to this product and guess that the music color will be different from BLACKPINK

There are only a few days left until Rosé will officially debut with her first single album titled -R-.  However, when announcing the tracklist, many people expressed disappointment when the female singer only released 2 songs, On The Ground and Gone.

Rosé's solo album only have 2 tracks

Rosé has had a plan for her solo debut since 2018, but after 3 years this plan has only been implemented.  Therefore, the number of songs in the -R- album not only disappoints the fans but also Korean netizens.  Some people criticized YG.  They said that the company had delayed the solo performance of the main vocal of BLACKPINK for too long but could not compose more songs.

However, Rosé’s debut product is still highly anticipated by netizens when she participated in writing lyrics for both songs.  Some even realized that Teddy is not the main producer of the album  -R-, many strange names are also recorded in the credits.

Rosé's solo album only have 2 tracks

This is a surprise because the YG’s “music witch” has been deeply involved in the composing process for BLACKPINK since its debut, creates the group’s musical color.  Therefore, netizens guess that Rosé’s upcoming songs will have a different color from BLACKPINK’s style.

Rosé's solo album only have 2 tracks

1. 2 songs?!?!

2. Rosé’s aura is amazing

3. Well there are many new producers

4. 2 songs…ㅠㅠ That’s why it’s a single album

5. Is it an English song? Rosé participated in composing!!!! However, since the producers are not familiar, it seems that the song will be a lot different from BLACKPINK’s existing songs..?

6. 2 songs… damn YG

7. 2 songs ㅠㅠㅠㅠ But I’m really looking forward to it

8. It is said that they are famous pop producers~~

9. Rosé participated in both songs, I’m proud of her

10. Teddy isn’t the main producer… I think it feels different from BLACKPINK songs, but I’m looking forward to it

Rosé's solo album only have 2 tracks

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