Rookie 4th gen girl groups at SBS Gayo: mixed reaction for NewJeans, NMIXX barely covered BLACKPINK’s rap?

At the 2022 SBS Gayo, rookie 4th gen girl groups deliver outstanding performances of 3rd and 2nd gen songs, drawing attention. 

On December 24th, the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon (SBS Song Festival) was held, welcoming a star-studded lineup. While most 3rd gen artists didn’t appear at the song festival, the outstanding 4th gen lineup delivered an outstanding show, with beautiful stage set ups and covers of previous hits. The 4 performances delivered by NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and NMIXX, in particular, garnered a lot of topics. 

NewJeans received mixed reactions 

At the SBS Gayo, NewJeans opted to perform Wonder Girls’ megahit “Tell Me”, tackling on a Y2K spirit that is expected to fit them seamlessly. Unfortunately, the remix delivered by NewJeans was slower, leading to their performance having a poor buildup and repetitive choreography.

Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” performed by NewJeans

Nevertheless, the girl group still received a lot of praise for their excellent styling, which perfectly combines retro and modern, with miniskirts, crop tops, leg warmers and iconic hairstyles. Haerin, who wore a cat hairband suiting her “cat-like” visuals, immediately became a hot topic. The stage presence of other NewJeans members are also being praised. 

newjeans sbs gayo daejun
Korean netizens found NewJeans’ cover lackluster due to the slow remix
newjeans haerin sbs gayo daejun
Haerin’s viral visuals 
newjeans hani minji sbs gayo daejun
The girl group exuded an explosive refreshing charm 

NMIXX needs improvements on rapping 

Instead of going way back to 2nd gen, the JYP girl group NMIXX selected “How You Like That”, an iconic song of 3rd gen artist BLACKPINK. Here, tough vocal parts of Jennie and Rosé were well covered, while NMIXX in general was excellent at live singing. However, as “How You Like That” include a lot of iconic rap part, NMIXX wasn’t able to fully deliver the energy of the original song through these parts. 

BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” performed by NMIXX

In particular, Lisa’s rap in the song once went viral across the global, and is considered the “killing part” of the song. As NMIXX is a rookie, it’s hard for them to exude the same presence, though the rest of their cover is considered decent. 

nmixx sbs gayo daejun
NMIXX’s rapping skills was not enough to deliver an energy that match with BLACKPINK
nmixx sullyoon sbs gayo daejun
Sullyoon once again went viral for her visuals 

LE SSERAFIM never disappoint, IVE is a perfect match

Despite choosing “The Boys”, an extremely hard song of SNSD to cover, LE SSERAFIM did an outstanding job, from singing, dancing, to styling. The girl group is currently praised as the “top performer” of 4th gen girl group due to their overwhelming stage presence and dancing skills. 

le sserafim sbs gayo daejun
LE SSERAFIM delivered an outstanding cover of SNSD’s “The Boys”

With their performance of KARA’s “Pretty Girl”, IVE perfectly embraced the song’s feminine, sweet, refreshing, and cute spirit. Dressed in light pink outfits that make the members look like princesses, IVE can sway the toughest hearts. 

ive sbs gayo daejun
IVE’s cute and feminine cover of KARA’s “Pretty Girl” 
ive wonyoung sbs gayo daejun
Jang Won Young’s “princess-like” styling is the talk of town 

Source: k14

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