RM Recommended And Read Verses Of His Favorite Books In New DAZED KOREA Video 

BTS RM recommended the book he read recently.

A video titled “RM, THE READER” was uploaded on the YouTube channel of DAZED KOREA on October 3rd.

In this video, BTS’s leader RM caught the attention of fans by reading his favorite book verses.

RM introduced his favorite verse from the book ‘If I had known then what I know now’.

RM said, “There ain’t no answer. There ain’t going to be an answer, there never has been an answer. That’s the answer,” he left a short review saying, “There’s the answer.

This is a collection of proverbs that I enjoyed reading about six to seven years ago,” he said, recommending the book.

In addition, RM talked about the book he is reading these days. He said, “Per recommendation of a friend, I recently read Professor Han Byung-chul’s book ‘AGONIE DES EROS’ and Alain Badiou’s book ‘Eloge de l’amour’ together.

It’s like a debate between philosophers about love,” he added. “The book will make you seriously look back on how love is being consumed in the modern society today as well as our attitude towards love and dating,” he made a comment about the book.

You may find yourself deeply frustrated because the book suggests that the love we are currently experiencing might not be love. It was a book that I could seriously think about reconsidering and calculating when I meet someone,” he said, stimulating curiosity by delivering a review of the book.

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