Lee Hyo-ri revealed how she once fought with her stylist, “I was dancing in Bali but then…”

Lee Hyo-ri told the story of how she fought with a stylist she has been working with for a long time.

In the 10th episode of “Seoul Check-in,” which was released on June 24th, Lee Hyo-ri went to meet her stylist with her manager.

Lee Hyori

In the car on her way to meet the stylist, Lee Hyo-ri suddenly remembered, “I went to a Bali resort with Bo-yoon (the stylist). At that time, the resort has an outdoor place where they turn on the music for you to dance. I was so excited. There was no Korean there but us. I know. I have to go out again. So I was just dancing my heart out,” she said.

Lee Hyori

But there was this guy who looked like he works at that resort. He danced really well. So it was like a battle between me and him. But as he get closer to me, Bo-yoon started to get nervous. I think you (the manager) and her always bear the though that you should always protect me. So she got angry and told me to stop dancing. But all I did was dance, really. I didn’t know what happened at that time, but I just wanted to dance and release my stress. So I said, ‘I’m just having fun, what does it have to do with you?’. She then scolded me, ‘What if someone take a photo?’ and I said back, ‘What’s so important about that!’ We fought after that,” Lee Hyo-ri shared

Lee Hyori

When Lee Hyo-ri’s manager agreed with the stylist’s actions, saying, “I know how Bo-yoon feels,” Lee Hyo-ri said, “Pfft.”

Lee Hyo-ri said, “I was so angry. I was disappointed. So we didn’t talk to each other after that big fight until our return to Korea,” she added.

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