Big Hit Music denied RM’s dating rumors but stayed silent about V and Jennie’s… Then V and Jennie’s romantic relationship is true?

Since BTS’s agency actively denied dating rumors of member RM, attention is drawn to V once again.

On June 24th, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music denied rumors of RM’s romantic relationship and marriage and announced strict legal action. The agency said, “The rumors are groundless. We will strictly respond to malicious content”. 

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Rumors of RM’s romantic relationship broke out through an article on a Korean-American online community. RM was said to be getting married to a woman who graduated from a prestigious university. The original poster (OP) of the article claimed they heard the news directly from a female junior who claimed that she was about to marry RM. The junior said she and RM met at a fanmeeting between 2014 and 2015. OP also released some messages claiming them to be conversations with the junior. 


As rumors of RM’s marriage spread rapidly, the agency immediately responded to prevent them from resurfacing. When the agency’s position came out, fans suddenly paid more attention to V. It is because the agency’s move this time is quite different from what they did when V was rumored to be dating.

V was recently called out to be the main character in a dating rumor together with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who was suspected to have broken up with BIG BANG’s G-Dragon. The photo of a man and a woman believed to be V and Jennie on a drive date in Jeju Island caused the dating rumor to arise at that time. 

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Interpretations from V and Jennie’s Instagram posts and speculations of the two’s dates in the past were pointed out as evidence. Therefore, the public’s attention was focused on how the two’s agencies reacted to the case.

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However, Big Hit Music did not reveal any position on the dating rumors. The agency’s silence encouraged the spread of V’s romantic relationship rumors. Eventually, unconfirmed speculations are still circulating until now.

Since the agency responded to RM’s dating and marriage rumors immediately and actively, the romantic relationship between V and Jennie is likely to be believed as a fact.

RM, V, and Jennie are representative K-pop stars, so the public’s interest in their love life is expected to continue.

Source: Nate

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