“I’m getting married, my groom is BTS RM,” the agency’s position regarding this wedding rumor is…

A rumor is spreading that RM of BTS is about to marry a non-celebrity. His agency denied, saying it was groundless.

Recently, rumors of RM‘s marriage have been circling around in the Korean-American community Missy USA.


Netizen A said, “A junior, who is 7 years younger than me, contacted me to announce that she and RM are getting married. This junior graduated from a prestigious university and has a good family. I know that they met at a fanmeeting between 2014 and 2015.”

The contents of the messages exchanged between A and A’s junior were also disclosed. The junior said, “I can’t tell you the exact date, but the opponent is a celebrity. It’s still a sensitive time, so you should keep this a secret. (The groom-to-be) is the leader of BTS.”

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This post is spreading to domestic online communities and YouTube. In particular, YouTuber Sojang, who deals with various rumors about celebrities, strengthened this wedding rumor by saying that it was Missy USA where rumors of Seo Tai-ji and Lee Ji-ah’s marriage started in the past.

bts rm

Sojang added, “When asked about when he wanted to get married, RM answered that he wanted to do so at the age of 32~33. He’s 29 this year, so it means he will want to do it soon.”


Regarding this, an official from Big Hit Music drew a line, saying, “It’s groundless.” This official told Money Today, “RM has already denied the dating rumors with this woman. We are continuously taking actions against malicious rumors on YouTube.”

Source: Nate, Wikitree

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