So Ji-sub X Shin Sung-rok’s “Doctor Lawyer” ratings are rising… Can it catch “Why Her”?

The terrestrial Friday-Saturday dramas are unfolding an exciting confrontation after a long time.

In recent broadcasts, MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer” is fiercely chasing the ratings of SBS’ “Why Her”. Last week, on June 17th and 18th, “Doctor Lawyer” received two consecutive increases in ratings, while “Why Her” received two consecutive decreases in ratings. With this momentum, there is a possibility that “Doctor Lawyer” may reach or surpass the ratings of “Why Her”.

The two dramas began airing on June 3rd and have now aired until episode 6. “Why Her” started with a rating of 6.0% in episode 1 and continued to rise to 10.1% in episode 4, but it began to decline from last week. On the other hand, “Doctor Lawyer” started at 5.2% in episode 1. Even after rebounding on the next Saturday, the viewership ratings on Sunday continued to drop, showing a jagged graph. However, both episodes of the previous week went up, reaching its highest rating of 6.9%.


For both dramas, this week’s broadcast is expected to be the turning point between victory and defeat. In terms of the development’s structure and the characters’ chemistry, “Doctor Lawyer” seems to be gaining momentum. In “Doctor Lawyer”, So Ji-sub (as Han Yi-han), a righteous character who dreams of revenge, and Shin Sung-rok (as Jayden Lee), a crazy character who does not know whether he is a friend or an enemy, joined hands and started to fight against Lee Geung-young (as Gu Jin-gi).

Doctor Lawyer vs Why Her?

At the beginning of “Why Her”, Seo Hyun-jin (as Oh Soo-jae)’s hard carry was definitely outstanding. However, increasingly, attempts to draw all the characters of law school students and the melodramatic tension with sudden timing break viewers’ immersion.

Doctor Lawyer vs Why Her?

The two dramas have a lot in common, so they are bound to continue to be compared. This week, who will be the ultimate winner? The ground wave, which lost its power in the “content flood”, is making it fun to watch by changing channels after a long time.

Source: Daum

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