BLACKPINK Lisa’s astounding wealth at the age of 25, rumored to have bought a private jet?

With her massive influence and popularity, BLACKPINK Lisa has become extremely rich at the age of 25. 

Coming to Korea from Thailand, BLACKPINK Lisa was often mocked for her roots and discriminated against in a foreign land. However, the female idol has slowly but surely won over the audience through her talents and hardwork, and now boasts a career and net worth one can only dream of.

BLACKPINK Lisa has become extremely wealthy after years of hard work

Recently, Lisa was rumored to have bought a private jet, after an interior designer for aircrafts published an Instagram story and tagged Lisa’s official account. The same designer also posted a caption that said “My work for the private jet she (Lisa) bought.

As of the moment, YG Entertainment has given no official stance on this rumor, but suspicions are high. According to netizens, with Lisa’s dense traveling schedule, a private jet seems extremely likely. On top of all that, with her astounding wealth, it should be no problem for Lisa, they also added. 

An aircraft interior designer tagged Lisa in their photo, rousing suspicious of Lisa buying her own private jet 
Lisa instagram
Lisa posing next to Celine’s private jet before heading to France
Lisa instagram
The global ambassador of Celine inside Celine’s private jet
Lisa instagram
For now, there’s no confirmation on whether Lisa owns a private jet or not

According to an article published by SCMP a couple of days ago, experts evaluated Lisa’s net worth to be around 14 million USD.

Lisa Blackpink birthday in Thailand
Lisa boasts an astounding net worth that people can only dream of 

On top of this, Lisa’s wealth, as well as her popularity, only seem to be growing. Alongside her music releases and TV shows, the female idol also represents large brands like Celine, Bvlgari, M.A.C, Chivas Regal, and Acme’ De La Vie.

In addition, according to SCMP, Korean media revealed that Lisa’s fees for advertisement deals is no less than five figures, ranging from at least 300,000 USD to 600,000 USD per endorsement. 

Her Instagram, with over 79.2 million followers, can also earn the female idol up to 200,000 USD per sponsored post. 

Lisa owns countless luxurious endorsement deals
blackpink lisa calvin klein
The female idol receives at least 300,000 USD per advertisement
She’s also a familiar face on the cover of famous fashion magazines 
Each of Lisa’s sponsor Instagram post can earn her up to 200,000 USD

Lisa’s home in Korea is also admirable, boasting a modern design with a color palette of mostly gray and white. While the real value of the house is unknown, Lisa’s furniture is a true testament to her wealth. In particular, the female idol uses a 88 inch TV that costs over 30,000 USD, a mirror that amounts to 9,000 USD, and various other high-end household appliances. 

Lisa house
Lisa’s luxurious home in Korea
The female idol alongside her 9,000 USD mirror
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