LE SSERAFIM greets 500,000 fans around the world through their recent live broadcast on Twitter

Girl group LE SSERAFIM met 500,000 fans globally through Blueroom Live.

LE SSERAFIM announced the start of their “Twitter Blueroom Live” broadcast at 9 p.m on June 24th and greeted global fans in Korean, English and Japanese. Recalling memories of their debut album’s promotional activities, the girl group said, “Having many opportunities to meet fans in person, we felt happy every day. You won’t know how nervous we were at our debut showcase.” The members added, “Thanks to our fans, we were able to win No.1 on music shows”, expressing their extraordinary love for fans.

Le Sserafim

While sharing some talks, LE SSERAFIM revealed cool tips for taking selfies, such as taking pictures from below angles, taking pictures dynamically, as well as holding the camera upside down. The members enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and got closer to fans.

Le Sserafim

LE SSERAFIM then spent time answering questions sent by fans. When asked about the most impressive performances to them, the members said, “It was the last music show broadcast where fans showed so much support”. LE SSERAFIM shared, “While preparing for the last music show, we came up with lots of ideas that fans would like. That’s why it was more interesting and memorable”.

Le Sserafim

Lastly, the girls said, “We were really happy to be able to meet and communicate with fans after such a long time. We hope to spend more time like this next time. Since we’re doing a live broadcast, it is more interesting actually”. They added, “We’re preparing many things so please look forward to us. We will try hard to come back early and not let you wait for too long”, raising expectations for their future activities. The Blueroom Live ended after an hour.

Le Sserafim

LE SSERAFIM’s “Twitter Blueroom Live” broadcast quickly surpassed 507,000 viewers, showing off their huge global popularity and once again proving the girl group’s potential as a “team on an exceptional class”. 

Source: Daum

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