This husband refused to give his only BTS concert ticket to his wife and went alone

An “ajussi fan” who came alone without his wife to BTS’ concert has attracted attention.

On the 12th, MBC reported the scene of the BTS concert ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL’. On this day, MBC interviewed the fans who came to the concert hall. Among them, there was a male fan who caught the most attention. This man came to the concert by himself because his wife failed to get a ticket.

When the reporter asked: “Can’t your wife come to the concert? Can’t you transfer the ticket (to your wife)?”, the male fan proudly said, “I was the only one who made a reservation and succeeded. That’s Hybe’s policy. That’s not my fault.”

bts concert fan

In the case of some concerts, tickets cannot be transferred to another person when purchased with their ID. IDs are also checked at the concert site.

The interview is going viral on many online communities and is getting a lot of love.

Netizens on the online community theqoo responded to the video, saying, “His wife must have been crying while letting him go,” “He has such golden hands (to be able to sign up for the ticket),” “He can’t give up the ticket even if it is for his wife,” “There’s nothing else he can do because he can’t give up the ticket,” “His wife must be grabbing the back of her neck (because she is angry) watching the video,” “His determination is so funny.”

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