Revealing the behind-the-scenes image without using any green screen of BIGABANG’s latest MV

Seeing the behind-the-scenes photos of the MV, many netizens are surprised by the huge investment that YG and BIGBANG have spent for “Still Life”.

MV Still Life marks the return of BIGBANG after 4 long years of hiatus with many ups and downs. The song achieves numerous breakthrough successes, confirming BIGBANG‘s position as the K-pop legendary boy group.

Still Life
Still Life is a meaningful song for both BIGBANG and V.I.Ps. (Photo: Still Life)

Recently, the staff in the MV filming crew has revealed behind-the-scenes photos of “Still Life“. Netizens have the opportunity to admire the huge amount of money that YG has spent for BIGBANG and this MV. All of the background and decor on the set are all carefully built for real without the help of a green screen.

Taeyang‘s flower garden scenes are all real flowers prepared by the crew and set as the backdrop. Fans think that just this segment only has already consumed a lot of money from YG.

Still Life
The scene with a big garden of yellow flowers in the MV Still Life

T.O.P‘s snow scene is also a segment that attracts a lot of attention and brought many netizens to tears. To perform this scene, the crew has worked together to create real snow and create a grand space. And fans can see that it’s not easy to get the snowy setting, which requires multiple staff members to support each other.

Still Life
This scene doesn’t have the participation of any green screen or technical editing. (Photo: Instagram jjun1031)
Still Life
The staff had to work hard to complete this scene. (Photo: Instagram jjun1031)

In addition, to complete the “Still Life” MV, YG also used a team with many huge cameras. These cameras capture each member’s most emotional and precious moments. Thanks to that, BIGBANG’s comeback product has absolutely no superfluous details.

Still Life
Still Life was filmed by a well-rounded crew with quality machinery. (Photo: Instagram jjun1031)

Despite having been downgraded to a mid-sized company, YG still says no to green screens. This proves how much the company invests in their artists’ MVs. Besides, this is BIGBANG’s first comeback after such a long hiatus, YG would get in trouble with fans if the MV was not well-invested. BIGBANG’s previous MVs were also shot using real sets. 

Still Life
BIGBANG and the production crew worked hard to complete a perfect MV for Still Life 

BIGBANG was swept up in controversies during their long break from promotions. Many Korean netizens claimed they would boycott BIGBANG’s music. However, Still Life still earns amazing results on the charts, both domestically and internationally. 

Still Life dominated Korea’s largest streaming platform Melon even though it was released at midnight when the chart was frozen. The song entered the Top 10 songs with the highest number of unique listeners on Melon within the first 24 hours. Still Life quickly scored a Realtime All-kill, an achievement that male idol groups struggle to get these days. The song also hit the roof of Melon 289 times. 

Still Life
Still Life proves that BIGBANG’s music is always well-received 

Besides Korean charts, Still Life also charts high on worldwide rankings like iTunes and Spotify. On YouTube, Still Life MV reached No.1 on top trending and currently has more than 24.5 million views, 2.4 million likes. All of these results prove that BIGBANG’s comeback is indeed “the return of the King”.

After 2 days of release, Still Life continues to generate much buzz, making BIGBANG’s fans proud. There is a theory going around that Still Life is BIGBANG’s farewell song. 

Still Life
Still Life contains hidden messages for fans to break down 

BIGBANG’s long-awaited comeback is considered a monumental event. Fans are hoping that without T.O.P, the other 3 members of BIGBANG will continue to release music together as a group in the future, even though this may take time. 

Still Life
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