“Refreshing high notes vs. Out of tune” IVE’s encore stage, netizens show different reactions

Idol group IVE won first place on a music show and presented an encore stage.

On SBS M and SBS FiL’s “The Show”, which aired on April 18th, IVE won first place with the new song “I AM”. After delivering their acceptance speech, IVE stayed on stage and presented an encore stage live.

IVE members showed their catchy tone and sang at the top of their voices without missing even the slightest movement of the song.

However, IVE members seemed nervous because it was the first encore stage of “I AM”. Their breathing seemed to be somewhat shaky.


IVE members sang “I AM”, which is famous for its high pitch, without in-ear. Afterwards, member Liz and leader An Yu Jin, who gained confidence, showed explosive voices by singing the high-pitched part.


However, after watching the encore video, netizens’ reactions were divided into two. Many netizens responded, “This is really good“, “They sang well even though it’s a high-pitched song“, “Refreshing high notes“…

On the other hand, some expressed disappointment, “They’re singers, but I don’t think their singing skills are good enough“, “They seem out of tune“…

Source: Insight

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