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Victims revealed the crimes of JMS cult leader Jung Myung Seok and accomplice Jung Jo Eun, “He did that in front of my mom”

MBC’s current affairs program “PD Note” revealed the crimes committed by Jung Myung Seok and Jung Jo Eun.

On April 18th, Maple, who previously appeared as a victim in Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, came out in the “JMS, the cult leader and accomplices” episode of “PD Note”.

Revealing her current status after appearing on “In the Name of God”, Maple shared, “Actually, only about 10% of what happened was shown on the program. My mother cried and apologized to me. My father said he didn’t know his daughter was going through so much. I gained support after the broadcast of ‘In the Name of God’. I also received calls from people who promised to hire me but said they couldn’t hire me now because of the situation.”


Maple continued, “Still, I really wanted to let people know how true what I said was. The last thing I have to do before I die is to sue that person and reveal the truth”, showing her determination.

In addition, the crimes of Jung Jo Eun, pointed out as Jung Myung Seok’s accomplice, were also unveiled. In this regard, Kang Min Hee (assumed name) testified, “Jung Jo Eun is the person who always educates others about Jung Myung Seok as a messiah.”

They continued, “When Jung Myung Seok fled overseas, Jung Jo Eun brought female followers from Korea and said things like ‘Who will go up today?’ or ‘Who should I send there?’. She was practically the broker,” adding that Jung Jo Eun was involved in Jung Myung Seok’s sexual assault crimes.

Moreover, it was also mentioned that JMS called female followers over 170cm tall “stars” and they were required to send pictures to Jung Myung Seok when he was imprisoned.


Victim Sung Ji Yeon (assumed name), who used to be a “star”, said, “Jeong Jo Eun told me to take off my clothes and said, ‘I’ll apply this on you’. She took out a plaster statue and told me to spread my legs to see that area well. Then she took a photo and edited it with a flower.”

Lee Seo Eun (assumed name), who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Jung Myung Seok at the age of 20, confessed, “When I turned 20, I was taken to Wolmyeong-dong. My mother went there with me. I was wearing a dress, then Jung Myung Seok put his hand in my panties and said, ‘Your legs are pretty. I’m going to get drunk now.’ My mother just smiled and said, ‘Thank you’. Jung Myung Seok also touched my mother’s thighs. When I said, ‘I don’t understand this’, my mother replied, ‘What’s wrong with a husband showing love for his wife like that?’, adding ‘I did it with him, too.’”

In the meantime, reporter B, who interviewed accomplice Jung Jo Eun, delivered Jung Jo Eun’s position, saying “She said she did know about it vaguely but had never participated. She claimed, ‘The kids never talked to me about that. We had counseling with Maple but she never mentioned that issue’.”


Jung Myung Seok was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting or raping four female followers in their 20s at resorts in Malaysia and Hong Kong, as well as accommodation in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, from August 2001 to April 2006. He was released wearing an electronic anklet in February 2018. Even after his release, Jung Myung Seok was sued for sexually assaulting Maple and other female followers.

Earlier on the 18th, Criminal Division 12 (Chief Judge Na Sang Hoon) of the Daejeon District Court held the 8th trial of Jung Myung Seok, who was charged with attempted rape, attempted quasi-rape, sexual assault, and quasi-sexual assault. JMS second-in-command Jeong Jo Eun and one JMS civil service director were also arrested on the same day.

During the trial, Jeong Myeong Seok’s side claimed, “The situation was getting unclear and he had no memory of the events”. In addition, Jung Myung Seok was frequently seen holding his left hand to his ear, as if he couldn’t hear the judge’s words.

Source: Wikitree

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