“Reborn Rich” Kim Shin Rok’s presence that overwhelms Song Joong Ki, couple scenes with Kim Do Hyun are ad-libs?

Actress Kim Shin Rok captivated viewers with her overwhelming presence.

Kim Shin Rok is playing the role of Jin Hwa Young in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich,” which is airing every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Kim Shin Rok’s Jin Hwa Young is both attractive and cool as she perfectly portrayed Jin’s sharp insight and the burning desire to surpass her brothers.

kim shin rok reborn rich

In the 7-8th episode of “Reborn Rich,” which aired over the weekend, the fierce succession war continued as the Sun Yang family canceled its succession principle. Recognizing that this change was caused by Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), the Sun Yang family’s three siblings began to be wary of Jin Do Joon in their own ways.

Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin-rok is showing off a representative role of her career with her explosive charisma which overwhelmed even Song Joong Ki. She is also drawing attention as many of the couple scenes with her on-screen husband Choi Chang Je (Kim Do Hyun) are said to be her ad-libs. Rumor has it that all the couple scenes, which have been quite the talk of the town, were created through Kim Shin Rok’s ad-libs, including the elevator scene in the 1st episode, the kissing shown in the 4th episode, and the leg touching scene in the 6th episode.

kim shin rok reborn rich

Kim Shin Rok’s Jin Hwa Young is always special, even as she takes discipline on her husband. With a vicious spirit that stands out among her siblings, the character sharply penetrates the inner meaning of her father’s words. She never hesitates to speak her mind, and Kim Shin Rok’s expressive acting seems to add strength to this character. As a result, the viewers can immerse themselves in the story and develop keen interest in it.

Kim Shin Rok’s passionate acting is considered a popular element in “Reborn Rich”, and is loved by viewers. Accordingly, Kim Shin Rok, who unfolds a passionate performance that remains reliable and consistent in all her works, attracts a lot of attention for her future activities as well.

Source: Newsen

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