Park Jin Young, “BTS Suga came to my movie premiere, GOT7 couldn’t come”

Park Jin Young mentioned GOT7 members and BTS Suga on “Cultwo Show”. 

Park Jin Young, Kim Dong Hwi, and Heo Dong Won, the cast of the new movie “A Christmas Carol”, appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’, which aired on December 5th.  Moon Se Yoon was the special DJ.

a christmas carol

On this day, Kim Tae Gyun told Park Jin Young, “I heard that GOT7 members couldn’t come to the premiere. But BTS member Suga came.”

In response, Park Jin Young said, “(Suga) came because thankfully, he had time. GOT7 members couldn’t come because they were either on an overseas tour or had schedules. Maybe they didn’t want to come,” drawing laughter.

bts suga

Moon Se Yoon asked, “You can be disappointed because of that, but you asked the members to show off their tickets.”

Park Jin Young responded, “Wouldn’t they do that for me? I’m still loyal.” 

got7 jinyoung

Kim Tae Gyun said, “It’s good that Jin Young came as an actor. He doesn’t talk much when he visits as a member of GOT7. It’s nice to hear your voice a lot today.”

Park Jin Young said, “I also have a loud voice. The members are all loud, so I couldn’t join them.”

Source: Daum

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