“Reborn Rich” actress Park Ji Hyun, “I saw Hee Chul at concerts many times. I’m actually a Cassiopeia” (“Knowing Bros”)

Actress Park Ji Hyun revealed her special relationships with “Knowing Bros” members Kim Young Chul and Kim Hee Chul.

Reborn Rich” actors Kim Nam Hee, Park Ji Hyun, and Kim Do Hyun guested on the new episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” on January 7th.

Park Ji Hyun knowing bros

During the broadcast, Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Ji Hyun knows anyone among us?”. When Min Kyung Hoon said, “She may know Hee Chul”, Kim Hee Chul reacted, “I only know her agency’s CEO”. However, Park Ji Hyun surprised everyone when she said, “The first person is Hee Chul”.

Revealing her connection with Kim Hee Chul, the actress shared, “When I was in school, I was a big fan of SM”, adding “I went to SM concerts, Dream Concert, Super Junior concerts, etc. I went to all the concerts and was even in the Standing. I saw him on the stage many times”.

Park Ji Hyun knowing bros

When Kim Hee Chul exclaimed, “So you were an E.L.F”, Park Ji Hyung made everyone laugh as she confessed, “Honestly, I was a Cassiopeia (DBSK’s fandom)”. Kim Hee Chul then asked, “How did you get to our concert (Super Junior concert)?”, Lee Soo Geun guessed, “She clicked the wrong one”.

Park Ji Hyun also mentioned her relationship with Kim Young Chul. The actress said, “Long time no see. It’s so nice to see you here”, then hugged Kim Young Chul, making other “Knowing Bros” members jealous.

Park Ji Hyun knowing bros

Park Ji Hyun shared, “I recently filmed the movie ‘Hidden Face’. The seniors who also starred in the movie were Song Seung Heon and Cho Yeo Jeong. Our ‘Hidden Face’ team had a get-together, and it was near Young Chul’s house”, adding “Song Seung Heon sunbaenim told me to come and greet someone, and Young Chul appeared. He’s much smarter than his image on variety shows”.

When Kim Hee Chul asked if she remembers what Kim Young Chul said, Park Ji Hyun responded, “Of course”.

Source: Daum

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