Ra Mi Ran “Acting as a married couple with ‘university friend’ Lee Jong Hyuk? It was something I couldn’t do”

Actress Ra Mi Ran mentioned Lee Jong Hyuk, with whom she plays a married couple in “Cruel Intern”.

On Sep 5th, an interview with actress Ra Mi Ran, the main character of TVING’s “Cruel Intern”, was conducted at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

“Cruel Intern” depicts the inner conflict of Go Hae Ra (Ra Mi Ran), who makes a comeback as an intern after a 7-year hiatus and receives secret and cruel proposals from her successful peer, Choi Ji Won (Uhm Ji Won). In this drama, Ra Mi Ran plays a married couple with actor Lee Jong Hyuk (as Gong Soo Pyo), her friend at Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Ra Mi Ran

In this regard, Ra Mi Ran caused laughter as she said, “I knew about Lee Jong Hyuk’s casting before filming. (Acting as a married couple) is impossible. What are we going to do?

She continued, “Fortunately, there was no embarrassing scene. The filming on set was very fun.”

Ra Mi Ran shared, “I’ve watched a lot of his works, but this is my first time acting with him. Jong Hyuk isn’t the type that is very attentive. He’s more of the tsundere type. He complained all the time but did everything he could, and that was fun.

Lee Jong-hyuk

She also mentioned other university friends, “Lee Pil Mo, Kim Min Kyo and Kim Soo Ro are my university friends. There’s a group messenger room among university friends, but I’m the type of person who just watches. We often ask after each other. However, I and Jong Hyuk didn’t say we were working together this time.”

She made everyone laugh by adding, “There are some who talk a lot. I only watch them. Min Kyo shared that he opened a YouTube channel a while ago. He asked me to subscribe, click like and turn on notifications. Actually, since I graduated from university in 1995, I have nothing to say now.”

Source: Naver

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