Quiz Show Criticized Again For Insulting SEVENTEEN Following 2NE1 Incident

“Narak Quiz Show” is facing a crisis due to its inappropriate mention of the famous idol group SEVENTEEN

On March 16th, the YouTube channel “Psick Univ” uploaded a new “Narak Quiz Show” video. In this content, the guests will have to answer provocative questions. 

In particular, the new episode asked the guests to choose between famous K-content, such as Yoo Jae-suk’s “Pinggyego”, “You Quiz on the Block”, Jung Jae-hyung’s “Fairry Jaehyung”, and Na Young-seok’s “Nattering with Nah”. The three comedian guests were speechless upon seeing the first quiz, drawing laughter.

Abyss Quiz Show

However, it was the next quiz that caused controversy to arise. This question asked, “Choose the one you think is too successful compared to their real talents between Son Heung-min, BTS’s RM, Jay Park, and SEVENTEEN”. Considering this a hard question as all these sports stars and K-pop artists have big fandoms around the world, one of the three guests selected SEVENTEEN. Before explaining their answer, the comedian wondered, “Can I just say what I think?”, then continued, “Other options are individuals, but SEVENTEEN is a group”. 

As a result, this answer stimulated anger from SEVENTEEN fans. Many fans harshly criticized the comedian for being rude to SEVENTEEN in the comment section of the video. Some even pointed out that this was not the first time “Narak Quiz Show” caused discomfort to viewers with their content.

Abyss Quiz Show

Previously, BIG BANG’s Daesung guested on the show and was asked to put 2NE1, Teddy, BLACKPINK, and Jinusean in order based on their contribution to YG. This was a tricky question for Daesung, who had been active as a member of YG Entertainment’s group BIGBANG for 16 years. After much consideration, Daesung picked 2NE1 for the last place and said, “BIGBANG should place the lowest, but there’s no BIGBANG among the options”. The next question asked Daesung to choose an unnecessary member from 2NE1. In response, the male idol exclaimed, “It’s annoying”, adding “I’ll go with Minzy. Minji ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I would be in a place like this”. 

Abyss Quiz Show

Later, 2NE1’s Sandara Park said on a radio show that she was upset despite knowing that he said it only because he was on the show and emphasized that BIGBANG and 2NE1 are close like siblings. However, “Narak Quiz Show” was still under fire for making questions that crossed the line. From 2NE1 to SEVENTEEN incidents, many people believe that the program is targeting idols and trying to provoke idol fandoms.

Although some viewers commented saying it was just a comedy for fun, many still raised concerns over inappropriate content and urged the production team to balance between generating laughter and insulting people. 

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