“Queendom 2” Kep1er Dayeon fell off the stage… Burst into tears with remorse

Kep1er Dayeon burst into tears after falling off the stage.

On Mnet’s “Queendom 2“, which aired on April 21st, Kep1er broke into tears by an unexpected mistake after performing on the stage for the second competition.

Kep1er was the fifth team to perform. They prepared to cover Brave Girls‘ song. Kep1er began looking at Brave Girls‘ tracks. Kep1er Youngeun explained the stage of ennui to foreign member Hikaru while listening to “We Ride“, but she could not understand it properly, causing laughter.

Kep1er Queendom 2

Youngeun suggested, “It’s too difficult, so let’s talk to Brave Girls on the phone.” Kep1er attempted a video call with Brave Girls members. Yeseo asked, “What is the stage of ennui?” Brave Girls drew attention by seriously explaining, “Fall out of love.”

Kep1er gave up “We Ride”, thought about “Pool Party” and decided to mix the song with “Rollin‘”. Yeseo drew attention by saying, “Brave Girls has many songs about adults’ love, so we wondered whether we could express this kind of image.”

Kep1er Queendom 2

On this day, Kep1er started the stage with a beautiful melody, and Yeseo’s solo dance, caught the eye. Yeseo changed her clothes in an instant to start a cute and refreshing performance. Kep1er created a different stage by remixing “Pool Party” and “Rollin‘”. In particular, Kep1er Hikaru‘s rap was impressive. Brave Girls Minyoung said, “They showed a color that we couldn’t do. It was refreshing and lively.” Hyolyn shared, “I think I’ve come to realize that they’re good at doing cute things like this.”

However, Kep1er members showed tears as they came down from the stage. Kep1er Dayeon accidentally fell off the thrust stage. Dayeon shed tears at the fact that she made a mistake rather than being sick. Yujin also slipped on the stage because of the soap bubbles that came out as props and got on her feet. Yujin burst into tears, saying, “We practiced so hard, but I felt like I ruined it all.” Hikaru comforted the members, “No, it was cool. It wasn’t a mistake.”

Kep1er Queendom 2

After hearing about Kep1er’s stage, WJSN cheered, “We want to go and cheer for them as soon as possible. They’re a rookie group, but their mistake was not noticeable and they did well.” Meanwhile, Kep1er ranked fifth in the overall rankings.

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