‘Psychorus’ – the cigarette gag to girl groups, neither manners nor fun

The cigarette gag is on the opposing side with girl groups but why do they yet have to tolerate rude and uninteresting gags?

On June 20, the girl group Brave Girls appeared in the ‘Psychorus’ corner in tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League’ broadcast.

‘Psychorus’ is a corner where Yang Se-chan and Hwang Je-seong create extraordinary lyrics to the singer’s song and put a bullshit chorus in it. Famous singers claimed to be visiting, so it also gained a lot of popularity.

As the Brave Girls returned with the new song ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ after gaining popularity with ‘Rollin’’, expectations for ‘Psychorus’ on this day were higher than ever. However, compared to the perfect Brave Girls stage, the chorus was at a disastrous level.

Hwang Je-seong and Yang Se-chan added the lyrics “Who’ll bring an e-cigarette?” to Brave Girls’ ‘High Heels’, embarrassing Yoo-jeong, who was in charge of the “I’ll definitely make it mine” part. They continued the chorus, such as “You are the cigarette filter right?”, “Fun to choose cigarettes”, “Give me different colors”, and “The Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation is coming down”.

The cigarette gag of ‘Psychorus’ has already been criticized by viewers once. When the group Oh My Girl appeared on May 16th, tobacco-related choruses such as “Smoking two packs”, “The person you’re going to smoke with”, and “You’re an electronic cigarette” were also brought out. In particular, after the chorus of “If YooA sees a cigarette, what will you do?”, YooA showed an uncomfortable expression when panicked to sing “I’m a little excited”.

Immediately after the broadcast, criticism against the cigarette gag that had nothing to do with the lyrics was going on among the viewers. In particular, criticism has been aggravated in that the cigarette gag was only used for girl groups whereas it was quiet when boy groups appeared. It not only put a negative image on tobacco, a favorite food, but also created a negative prejudice against female smokers. There is also a strong reaction that they’re sorry to see idols whose image is their life trying to avoid the image of a smoker embarrassed.

Of course, a gag is a gag. As much as they appeared on gag programs, girl groups may have the will to put down their image and participate in gags. But that was when the cigarette gag was fun. It is difficult for the performers and viewers to understand why they continue to use tobacco gags that are not welcome anymore.

'Psychorus' - the cigarette gag to girl groups, neither manners nor fun

Gags have undergone many changes according to the passage of time. Body shaming, sadistic gags, etc. disappeared, and high-level speaking skills and natural skits took their place. Cigarette gags are also gradually being eliminated in accordance with the different viewer’s eye level.

If ‘Psychorus’ insists on the old-fashioned cigarette gag, viewers’ disappointment will grow out of control. I hope that the singer, who was smart enough to ask for a chorus by themselves, doesn’t turn into an unpleasant ridicule.

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