Actor Nam Po-dong and his 10 years living in a motel, “My immune system has weakened after liver transplantation”

Actor Nam Po-dong confessed, “I’m out of breath even if I walk just a little.”

The current situation of actor Nam Po-dong, who lives in a motel, was revealed on the MBN program “Special World,” which aired on the afternoon of June 16th. He shared about his health condition, “My immunity has weakened after the liver transplantation surgery.”

Nam Po-dong and his 10 years living in a motel

Nam Po-dong then said, “The medicines I take in a day are all different. So I wrote down the day of the week on the medicine box,” he said while taking his medication after the meal.

Having lived in a motel for more than 10 years, he used the motel hallway to exercise by walking every day. He is currently supported by the government with the help of caregivers.

nam po-dong

Earlier in 2019, actor Nam Po-dong was healthy, but his health deteriorated significantly over the past three years, which made him feel sorry for himself.

Meanwhile, Nam Po-dong made his debut with the movie “I Can Love Too,” which was released in 1965.

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