Yoon Kye-sang’s wedding hall revealed to be 3 times more expensive than other restaurants… A meal costs around 200,000 won

It is known that the wedding hall where actor Yoon Kye-sang got married is three times more costly than other venues.

The cost of Yoon Kye-sang’s wedding ceremony was estimated on KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly”, which aired on the evening of June 16th.

Park Ha-sun Yoon Kye-sang

Yoon Kye-sang reportedly held his private wedding ceremony on June 9th. His close fellow actors, including Lim Ji-yeon, Lee Sang-yeop, On Ju-wan, Kim Dong-wook, and even Ma Dong-seok, all attended. Actress Jung Yu-mi, who is close to the bride, also came and delivered a congratulatory speech. g.o.d members decorated the wedding with a heart-warming performance.

Yoon Kye-sang wedding

Meanwhile, the wedding hall at Shilla Hotel, where Yoon Kye-sang tied the knot, is known to have been chosen by many top stars, such as Jang Dong-geun-Ko So-young, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun, and Hwang Jung-eum, as their wedding venue. It’s a luxurious wedding hall that costs hundreds of millions of won. 

Yoon Kye-sang wedding

Wedding planner Jo Yoon-ah said, “The hall where Yoon Kye-sang got married was rent at a price that is about 3 times more expensive than other venues”, adding “The price of a meal there is also unbelievable. It ranges from the latter half of 100,000 won to the first half of 200,000 won

Yoon Kye-sang wedding

She added, “The basic decoration costs 22 million won, and couples often invest up to 3 times that price for their weddings”, revealing that married couples often pay at least 100 million won for their wedding decoration and it can even mount up to 5 times the basic price. 

Source: daum

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