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Lee Jung-jae and Lee Young-ja’s mukbang revealed their different ways of eating, but only one person was criticized

The difference in dining etiquette between actor Lee Jung-jae and broadcaster Lee Young-ja is drawing attention.

Actors Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Point of Omniscient Interfere“, which aired on August 13th.

On this day, they visited a Spicy Noodles restaurant with Lee Young-ja. Netizens frowned at different ways of eating presented by Lee Young-ja and Lee Jung-jae on the show.

Lee Jung-jae did not eat all the noodles he picked up with chopsticks at once, but cut off an appropriate amount.

Throughout the meal, he did not “slurp” by making sounds to make noodles more palatable. He kept his head down and ate quietly without making a sound.

The cast responded by saying that it was amazing to see him like this.

Point of Omniscient Interfere

Lee Young-ja wondered, “Why don’t you make sounds when eating noodles? You don’t make any sound. Ah, you should make sounds.”

Lee Young-ja then boasted her spectacular noodle-slurping technique. Lee Jung-jae, who was quietly eating noodles, stopped eating and looked at Lee Young-ja as if surprised. The cast cheered, “You should eat like this.”

Point of Omniscient Interfere

Lee Young-ja continued her noodle-slurping mukbang without paying attention to the camera. Lee Jung-jae looked at Lee Young-ja as if she were a strange person and said, “I keep looking at her.”

Netizens who watched the show criticized Lee Young-ja for comparing Lee Jung-jae and Lee Young-ja’s dining etiquette.

Point of Omniscient Interfere

This is because Lee Jung-jae showed proper Korean dining etiquette while Lee Young-ja showed the wrong etiquette of “slurping noodles”. On the show, Lee Young-ja was portrayed as if she were right.

In fact, food columnist-chef Park Chan-il published a column related to noodle and culture in Hankyoreh in 2014.

At the time, he explained proper Korean dining etiquette, “For reference, only Japanese people think it is rather polite to make sounds when eating noodles. It is reasonable to think that the sound of slurping noodles in Korea is not disrespectful because it was handed down under Japanese colonial rule. Before that, there was already a document in Joseon stating not to eat noodles aloud. Chinese people think it is rude to eat noodles aloud, too.”

Point of Omniscient Interfere

Netizens on the online community “theqoo” showed reactions such as “Bad example of broadcasting”, “Don’t slurp noodles just because it’s a mukbang. It’s dirty”, “In the past, adults scolded me when I ate while making noises”…

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