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Produce X 101’s rating above 2.3%, “It’s the fastest season ever”

Mnet’s “Produce X 101” has captured the hearts of the national producers. Its rating surpassed the 2% mark in just two episodes of the show.

According to rating agency Nielsen Korea, the second episode of “Produce X 101” (on May 10) recorded an average rating of 2.3%. The highest rating rose to 2.7%.

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It reached the 2% rating at the fastest pace in all seasons. The ratings for the second episode were 1.6% in season 1, 1.9% in season 2 and 1.9% in season 3.

The reaction of the audience was also amazing. After the broadcast, trainees such as Song Hyung Joon and Lee Eun Sang appeared in the search keywords of the portal site. The number of votes also broke the record for all seasons.

Performance and level test results of each agency were released on the same day. The trainees rated from A to D group entered the training center. They have started practicing the title song “X1-MA.”

Class X trainees have overcome the danger of being kicked out. They received customized training at the “X-Class Camp” and took part in the basic vocal class.

produce x 101

The rank was unpredictable since there was a big ranking change in a week. Kim Yo Han took the first place, followed by Lee Eun Sang (2nd), Kim Min Kyu (3rd), Nam Do Hyun (4th), and Song Yoo Bin (5th).

Produce X 101’s representative said, “There will be a shocking grade re-adjustment next week. Please look forward to whether the A-Class trainees will maintain their current ratings or someone will rise vertically from the X-Class to the top.”

“Produce X 101” is a project to foster global idols. It’s the fourth season of the Produce 101 series. Of the 101 boys, 11 who will be chosen by national producers and will debut as idols.

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