Rosé’s (BLACKPINK) one-of-the-kind father: signing her up for audition, showing support in her struggling times

The singer’s father has always had her back in her pursuit of passion or in times of difficulty. 

In her first appearance on the “Mastermind” magazine, Rosé shared the memories and milestones in her career. The female idol said that the person that changed her life was no other than her father. 

Rose blackpink LACMA Art Film Gala
Rosé has a supportive family for her artistic pursuit. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

“My dad always watched me print out lyrics and chords off of his laptop and reach at the top of my lungs over the piano in an attempt to sing Beyoncé’s most heartbreaking, sad songs till midnight. So, I guess it wasn’t too bizarre for him to ask me if I wanted to try auditioning at the YG audition that was being held in Australia”, said the singer. 

blackpink rose mastermind
Rosé’s father witnessed her entire effort since she was little. (Image: Mastermind)
Rosé frequently uses her father’s computer to search for, print out and practice songs’ lyrics with the chords. (Image: Inkigayo)

It was a tradition in the family to follow legal practices in Australia. Rosé was also oriented to follow the same path until she felt a great pull to return to Korea and pursue her burning passion for arts. She felt “lucky to have a supportive dad who encouraged me to challenge myself and take my chance”, said the idol to “Mastermind” magazine. 

blackpink rose family
Rosé’s childhood photo. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink rose childhood
Rosé is grateful for the support of her father and her family. (Image: Pinterest) 

Previously, on “Zang Sang Show”, Rosé humorously told the reason she auditioned for YG was because Rosé was constantly playing the piano and singing at midnight, making it hard for her family to go to sleep. That is why her father signed her up for the audition. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé said the primary reason for her audition was because she sang too loud at night.
blackpink rose
His decision helped bring a talented and beautiful idol to life. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink rose
Rosé was able to follow her dreams for a major part thanks to her father. (Image: SBS) 

Rosé’s father always supports his daughter in silence. In every concert, the singer’s entire family will come to support and cheer for her. He also contacted Rosé’s fanbase ‘Chipmunkindonesiabar’ to donate for the Lombok campaign in support of the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia. 

blackpink rose father
The singer’s family made their way to Japan to attend BLACKPINK concert. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink rose
Rosé’s father raised a donation through his daughter’s fanbase. (Image: Pinterest) 

In 2019, Rosé’s father showed his support for his daughter by “liking” a post implying Rosé was being mistreated. At the time, the idol was not having any solo activities. The hashtag #StayStrongRosé was on top trending for many days as a sign of encouragement for the idol. 

blackpink rose concert
Rosé’s father stirred up the public by linking a post indicating the idol was being mistreated. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)
BLACKPINK’s relationships with the members’ parents are going well.  

Source: Yan News

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