Current status of the male lead in IU’s music video who was called “IU’s man”

The unexpected past of actor Lee Jong Won, who played the natural born gold spoon “Hwang Tae Yong” in the recently ended drama “The Golden Spoon”, is drawing people’s attention.

This is because Lee Jong Won appeared in IU‘s “Strawberry Moon” MV with an affectionate atmosphere.

iu lee jong won

IU and Lee Jong Won sat side by side, shared ice cream and took pictures of each other with a camera. They realistically depicted the appearance of lovers having a lovey-dovey time, making viewers’ hearts flutter.

Regarding Lee Jong Won’s bright smile and loving gaze towards IU, netizens responded positively, saying, “It’s like watching a youth romance movie, not a music video.”

iu lee jong won

After that, Lee Jong Won, who was called “IU’s man”, was cast as a model. With this opportunity, he appeared in singer Lee Seung Hwan’s music video and decided to pursue acting in earnest.

Since his debut in the web drama “Pack to the Future” in 2018, he has been building up his acting skills by playing supporting roles in several works. In particular, he played the role of the wannabe male friend Wang Jung Deun in the web drama “XX”, which became a hot topic by setting a record of exceeding 10 million cumulative views.

lee jong won

He continued his acting activities in a number of works such as MBC’s “The Spy Who Loved Me” and tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family”. He also starred in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist Season 2”, playing the 2nd year surgeon Kim Gun who had a crush on Shin Hyun Been’s character.

lee jong won

In 2022, 4 years after his debut, Lee Jong Won was finally cast for a leading role in the K-drama “The Golden Spoon”, where he showed a passionate performance.

“The Golden Spoon” revolves around a child who was born in a poor family that stumbled upon a magical golden spoon. He then changed his fate with his rich friend using this spoon, and became the son of a rich family.

lee jong won yook sung jae golden spoon

In this K-drama, Lee Jong Won assumed the role of Hwang Tae Yong, the real heir to Korea’s representative conglomerate Doshin Group. Through his performance, the actor received favorable reviews from viewers, expressing a realistic confusion when he suddenly switched fates with Lee Seung Cheon (Yook Sung Jae), a poor man.

In an interview, Lee Jong Won shared that he sympathized with his character, who left behind wealth and honor, instead selecting a poor life, where he gets to enjoy familial love.

lee jong won

The actor also revealed his personal experience, saying, “My father, who was a professional soldier, was scammed one day and was unable to work. Although my family was on the decline, they always believed in each other and became a great source of strength.

Actor Lee Jong Won, who has been showing great growth, never ceased to work hard. He was recently confirmed as a cast member for the upcoming drama “Bad Memory Eraser.”

lee jong won

“Bad Memories Eraser” is a K-drama that depicts the romance between a man whose life has changed with a memory eraser and a woman who holds his destiny.

It is expected that actor Lee Jong Won, who has been building his acting career step by step, will be able to seize the opportunity that came to him this year and emerge as a popular actor.

Source: Daum

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