Polite idols who are famous for their 90-degree bow habit (Haewon, Rosé, G-Dragon and more)

To gain respect and love from the public and colleagues, a K-pop idol needs not only talents and visual but also a polite, humble, and kind personality. 

Haewon (NMIXX)

Haewon recently surprised TWICE’s Nayeon when she made a 90-degree bow to greet her senior. The leader of NMIXX received many compliments from not only her fans but also ONCE (TWICE’s fandom). Haewon is also known as a big fan of Nayeon.

haewon nayeon
Haewon bowed at a 90-degree angle to greet Nayeon
Nayeon is the eldest member in TWICE and also the No.1 idol in Haewon’s heart.
NMIXX Haewon
Haewon’s polite and lovely greeting drew keen attention.


It’s been 2 years since BLACKPINK’s promotion of “How You Like That” but the story of Rosé’s 110-degree bow is still talked about a lot. While receiving the music show trophy and preparing for the encore stage, Rosé bowed to greet other artists when they left the stage. This action proves that Rosé is not only pretty and talented, but she is also super polite.

blackpink rose
Netizens praised Rosé for her 110-degree bow.
blackpink rose
Rosé is an idol who is well-loved for not only her talent but also her good personality.


Not only Rosé but other BLACKPINK members are also well-mannered. On the stage of SBS Gayo Daejun in 2017, BLACKPINK bowed and greeted IU as soon as they met her. Their polite action impressed netizens. In addition, the lovely expressions of Rosé and Lisa, who are known as fans of IU, also make fans hope to see their music collaboration with IU in the future.

iu blackpink
Rosé and Lisa looked really happy when they greeted IU.


In a variety program called “Wanna One Go in Jeju”, the members of WANNA ONE bowed politely to greet their senior Yoona, who appeared on the screen in only 11 seconds. The cute and polite attitude of 11 boys left a great impression. 

wanna one yoona
WANNA ONE respectfully greeted Yoona although she only appeared on the screen


At a music show’s ending stage, when BTS was about to sing their encore, LOONA members did a 90-degree bow to Jungkook when he walked past them. LOONA’s respectful action drew much praise from fans and netizens. 

jungkook loona
LOONA’s members bowed to Jungkook

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Famous for having a rebellious image, G-Dragon in real life is a total “good boy”. On the red carpet of the 2017 Paris Fashion Week, G-Dragon bowed and greeted comedian Jo Se Ho, even though he was standing in the crowd. G-Dragon is a huge star, but he has never gotten into a controversy for having a “celebrity disease”.

G-Dragon shook hands and greeted Jo Se Ho on the red carpet 

EXO’s Suho

At the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, when EXO was announced the winner of Daesang (Grand Prize), leader EXO respectfully did a 90-degree bow when accepting the trophy, showing his utter gratitude. Suho’s bows have been consistent whenever EXO went on stage to receive awards, proving how respectful and humble he is. 

exo suho
Suho always bowed down when receiving Daesangs 
EXO Suho comeback
EXO’s leader is famous for having a good personality 
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