Six stars who pulled off their villain characters so well that they anger the viewers

Let’s meet these outstanding actors who played the villain in dramas so perfectly that they anger the viewers even though it was just a drama series.

There is a type of role that cannot be left out to add tension to a drama series. We are talking about a vicious villain who torments the people around them and causes conflict.

As evil characters are important elements of dramas, famous actors who are good at acting are often entrusted the villain roles.

Joo Jong Hyuk

They created extreme “Villains” with their perfect character interpretation, making viewers sweat.

Let’s take a look at the actors in charge of playing the bad guys who caused anger by making viewers “over-immersed” with their amazing acting even though it is just a drama.

Joo Jong-hyuk

extraordinary attorney woo

Actor Joo Jong-hyuk plays Kwon Min-woo, a fellow lawyer and a cheeky rival of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) in the recently popular ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

Kwon Min-woo plays all kinds of tricks on Woo Young-woo with an extreme sense of rivalry, to the extent that he is nicknamed “Tactician Kwon.”

extraordinary attorney woo

Kwon Min-woo was called an unbiased character at the beginning of the drama because he was not conscious of Woo Young-woo’s autism spectrum disorder, but his competition for Woo Young-woo gradually went over the line, drawing anger from viewers.

Lee Hong-nae

Actor Lee Hong-nae played the role of Ji Cheong-shin, the host of the evil spirit, in the OCN drama “Uncanny Counters,” which ended in January last year.


In the play, Ji Cheong-shin was an orphan ever since he was born, and he started working as a hired assassin at the age of 19.

Ji Cheong-shin got possessed by a demon while continuing to kill, and later committed even more vicious atrocities, giving viewers tension.

lee hong nae

Lee Hong-nae, who played the strongest villain of the “Uncanny Counter” worldview, made viewers sweat with his realistic facial expression and eye acting.

Kim So-yeon

Actress Kim So-yeon performed a fantastic performance as Chun Seo-jin, the lady who was born with a golden spoon in her mouth who gets her hands on whatever she wants in the Channel A drama “Penthouse” series, which drew huge attention.

kim so yeon

In the play, Chun Seo-jin did not hesitate to cheat, abuse, or have an affair to get what she wanted, and Kim So-yeon expressed it so realistically, increasing the immersion level of her character and the plot.

Kim So-yeon is known to have a good personality, but in the work, she was completely immersed in her role and showed such extreme evil deeds that the viewers were chilled by her creepy expressions and lines in each episode.

Son Seok-gu

Popular actor Son Seok-gu played the strongest villain Kang Hae-sang in the movie “The Roundup” and presented breathtaking performances. 

the roundup

In the drama, Kang Hae-sang continued to commit kidnapping and murder while avoiding the eyes of Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok) and the police. Betrayal and lies even increased the intensity of his evil deeds. 

Son Seok-gu gained up to 10 kg to play the role and perfectly portrayed the character Kang Hae-sang. 

Park Ha-na

Actress Park Ha-na drew keen attention for her realistic performance as the villain Jo Sa-ra in KBS2’s drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, which ended in March.

park ha na

In order to possess Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo), whom she has had a crush on for a long time, Jo Sa-ra did not hesitate to do all kinds of plans to get her own son back, making the viewers rage.

With her outstanding acting skills, Park Ha-na played the villain role so perfectly that she even received malicious comments from the audience who were “too immersed” in the drama.

Kim Jae-wook

Actor Kim Jae-wook took on the role of Mo Tae-gu, a notorious murderer in OCN’s drama “Voice”, which was a hot topic.

kim jae wook

Mo Tae-gu is the CEO of Sungwun Express and a serial killer with a psychopathic temperament. He’s the central villain of the drama.

Kim Jae-wook drew the viewers’ attention by adding great tension to the development of “Voice” with his creepy expression and eyes. 

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