Police removed all charges of Wonho (MONSTA X) using drugs

The controversy started in late 2019 when the transgender ulzzang Jung Da Eun accusing Wonho of MONSTA X of not paying the debt of 60 million KRW that he borrowed many years ago. After that, Da Eun and his girlfriend Han Seo Hee revealed shocking information to the press, saying that Wonho used to live in the same house with Da Eun many years ago and they even took marijuana together. There was also news that Wonho has a bully past and had to go to reformatory … Continuous scandals caused Wonho to leave MONSTA X, and Starship also terminated their contract with the male idol.

After 5 months of intensive investigations by the Seoul Drug Investigative Team, Wonho’s cases were dismissed after the police couldn’t find substantial evidence against him.

Read Starship’s full statement below:

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

On March 10, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Investigation Team ended their investigations on former MONSTA X member Wonho’s drug allegations and cleared the charges.

At the end of October of last year, Wonho was accused of illegally using marijuana and the police launched an investigation about the case. Wonho actively cooperated with all investigation procedures, including scientific examinations. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency was unable to find any allegations throughout their extensive investigation over the past 5 months. They decided on March 10 to dismiss the allegations.

Regardless of the facts above, our agency and Wonho would like to apologize once again for causing the fans to worry. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to both the domestic and international fans who have continued to support us while keeping up with the investigative results.

During the period of investigations, we had been waiting for a long time while doing our best to minimize his exposure to avoid false accusations with the help of our lawyer. We will not hold back in supporting Wonho’s decision for his future plans.

— Starship Entertainment

Starship released a full statement explaining that they had been doing their best to protect Wonho from further false accusations and harm by decreasing as much exposure as possible and hiring the best legal team to defend him.

Sources: Koreaboo

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