“Street Woman Fighter” Gabee support Chuu’s solo debut as choreography director

Famous choreographer Gabee steps up to support former LOONA member Chuu’s solo debut

According to Star News on September 30th, dance crew Lachica, led by famous choreographer Gabee, participated as the choreography director for Chuu’s solo debut album “Howl”, which is scheduled to be released in mid-October.

Lachica is a renowned dance crew known for creating choreography for various K-pop artists, including Chungha, TWICE, Weki Meki, Kang Daniel, IVE, Soyou and ITZY. Lachica gained recognition from the public after actively participating in Mnet’s competition program “Street Woman Fighter“, which ended in popularity in October 2021.


It is said that Lachica readily accepted the proposal to choreograph Chuu’s new song, preparing a performance that resembles watching a musical for the song’s choreography. With Lachica’s involvement in choreographing, Chuu’s bright and vibrant charm will shine through.

Previously, Gabee appeared on Chuu’s YouTube channel “Chuu Can Do It” in October 2021. At that time, Chuu and Gabee expressed their passionate admiration for each other as fans. It is known that Chuu’s agency ATRP approached Gabee for choreography production due to their connection at the time. Gabee also recently appeared on the web entertainment show “Chuu’s Crumbling Down Mansion” hosted by Chuu.


Chuu debuted in the music industry in August 2018 as a member of LOONA. Due to contract disputes with her former agency Blockberry Creative, she established her new nest at ATRP in April and confirmed her solo debut on October 18th. Her upcoming solo album marks her official solo debut after 5 years and 2 months.

Chuu raised fans’ expectations by unveiling the track video and concept photos for her first solo album’s track “Under Water”, which exudes a mysterious atmosphere, on September 26th. As she embarks on her journey as a solo artist, fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of music she will bring.

Source: Daum

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