Gaeul (IVE), the prominent factor of IVE but is being overshadowed by another member

Gaeul, the eldest member of IVE, is well-known for her stunning beauty. Her image, however, is rapidly being forgotten by the public as a result of her management company’s failure to adequately promote her.

IVE‘s debut has lately captured the attention of K-pop enthusiasts. Despite having only debuted for a short time, Starship Entertainment‘s rookie group has achieved numerous excellent successes and has frequently become the center of attention due to the beauty of its members. However, because the company is only focusing on promoting Jang Wonyoung, the public’s perception of the other members is progressively eroding. Gaeul is an example of this situation.

Gaeul (IVE)

Gaeul has drawn the attention of netizens on many forums since Starship Entertainment revealed the profiles of IVE members due to her remarkable beauty. Her beauty is pure, lovely, and gentle, just like the meaning of her name “autumn.”

Besides, many netizens also commented that Gaeul gives off the feeling of a potential actress if she breaks into this field in the future. In addition, Gaeul’s visual is said to be similar to that of Miyeon ((G)-IDLE), Sowon (GFRIEND), Jihyun (4MINUTE), and Suzy (Miss A).

Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul caught the attention with her gorgeous visual as soon as the company released her profile. (Photo: Pinterest)
Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul was said to look like Miyeon ((G)-IDLE). (Photo: Pinterest)

Netizens quickly discovered photos from Gaeul’s childhood and school days. Since she was a child, the female star has caused a storm on SNS with her pure beauty, especially in her graduation photo. Gaeul is also a rare K-pop rookie who is not rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery before her debut.

Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul’s old pictures. (Photo: Instagram @autumn_fall__)
Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul’s stunning card photo. (Photo: Instagram @rkdmfall)

Gaeul’s bare face is also a bright element that helps her receive many compliments from netizens. The female idol often appears in public with no makeup on her face. And many netizens also said that Gaeul has smooth, healthy, and extremely photogenic skin.

Besides, the information that Gaeul was once recruited by JYP Entertainment also attracted many viewers’ attention. In addition to her impressive rapping ability, Gaeul shows off her talent in dancing.

Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul was once recruited by JYP and has very good dancing skills. (Photo: Show Champion)

With the advantage of both appearance and talent, Gaeul is expected to make a breakthrough when debuting with IVE. However, not long after her debut, netizens noticed that she was gradually fading away among the group. When it comes to IVE, many people will immediately think of Wonyoung and Liz’s visuals, Yujin’s talent, Leeseo’s impressive troubleshooting, or Rei. However, Gaeul still hasn’t made a big impression on the public’s mind.

In addition, the debut song “ELEVEN” did not have many impressive rap parts so Gaeul didn’t have the chance to show her full potential. Besides, the fact that Starship Entertainment is pushing Wonyoung too much is overshadowed other members of IVE. When IVE got into an attitude controversy, besides Wonyoung and Yujin, Gaeul also received criticism for being irresponsible although she was the eldest.

Gaeul (IVE)
Gaeul was criticized for not taking her responsibilities seriously. (Photo: Screenshot of YouTube MBCkpop)

Gaeul revealed many weak points compared to IVE members despite her gorgeousness and talents. Fans think that Starship Entertainment should focus on promoting the members evenly, instead of just focusing on a key member, wasting resources.

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