Penthouse 3: Park Eun-seok apologizes regarding racist portrayal of new character

‘Penthouse 3’ and actor Park Eun-seok were embroiled in a racial discrimination controversy.

In SBS’s Fridays and Saturdays drama  ‘Penthouse 3’ which aired on the 11th, Logan Lee’s older brother – Alex showed his visual representation. 

In this episode, Alex (Park Eun-seok) appeared in front of Shim Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) with hair getting dreadlocks like the singer Bob Marley and a tattoo on his face.

After the broadcast, many overseas viewers expressed their displeasure, saying that Park Eun-Seok’s acting character was a cultural appropriation. Many viewers have pointed out that the hairstyle like the dreadlocks closely related to the identity of black people was not only a disrespect for black people but also a kind of racial discrimination.

As the criticism continued, Park Eun-seok made an apology on his Instagram: “Regarding the drama Penthouse character Alex, I’d like to let everyone know that none of the appearances that were driven by the character was falsely intentional to harm, mock, disrespect or discourage the African American community.

He continued, “Again I’d like to apologize to those who took offense, I as a minority myself should’ve known better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow in awareness. I hope you have the sincerity in your hearts to give the benefit of the doubt, that Alex’s appearance was rather a character approach who admired the culture and wanted to ‘be’ like, not intentionally portraying mockery.” 

Until now there is no official opinion on the controversy from the production team of ‘Penthouse 3’.

Source: Nate

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