SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s Letter to The Late Moonbin Left in His Memorial Space Brings Tear to Fans’ Eyes 

In various online communities, a new handwritten letter from Seungkwan to Moonbin has been posted.

The letter from Seungkwan to Moonbin reads: 

Dear our Bin,

Bin ah~! I stopped by for a moment. The day is approaching when I truly have to accept that you’re gone, so I went to Sky Park (t/n: the rooftop of the Fantagio building, the space dedicated to Moonbin’s memorial), where the fans gather. During this time, I’ve tried to take care of Sua, Mom, Dad, and the aunts, but in reality, they care about me even more. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to fulfill my schedules well.

Yesterday, I went to Taeyeon’s concert, the show we had planned to go together. I went and received a lot of comfort there. It made me think of you so much. Taeyeon didn’t perform U R, the song you liked. But it was fortunate because that way I could hold back my tears in my seat.


How have you been lately? Is there anything in particular you want to eat? I really want to have a beer with you. You miss me too, right? I’m sure you do. I miss you a lot…

I have hoped that as the days pass, our future would gradually become slower and more stable. But now, I don’t think that’s the case. Ungie told me that instead of pretending to be fine without you by my side, it’s better for us to live with the turbulence in our hearts. I somewhat agree with her. Please understand us. I can be selfish like that. I hope you understand; I am just a little person.

It’s truly frightening when the person who helped me shine like today is not here. Yesterday, your fans came to the cafe. They thanked me and comforted me. Because they tried to soothe me, I had to pull myself together! I made up my mind about that. I think in the future, I can still maintain this mindset, haha. I love you, my friend ❤ I have to go now. It’s a pity; I feel like I came to see you just to complain…

Bin, let’s meet tomorrow, okay? ❤ I really want to see you soon. Eat well, sleep tight, and if you can, come to meet me in your dreams ~ Haha.

Signing off,


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