Park Yeon-jin’s wedding photos from “The Glory” drew attention with Jeon Jae-joon’s stealthy gaze 

Actress Lim Ji-yeon released a behind-the-scenes photo of Netflix’s “The Glory.”

Lim Ji-yeon posted on her Instagram on the 7th with the caption, “My friends who are a little embarrassed.” The two accompanying hashtags read, “Yeonjin’s wedding” and “The Glory.” 

im ji yeon

The photo is a behind-the-scenes of Park Yeon-jin’s wedding in the drama where the antagonist Park Yeon-jin was taking a commemorative photo with her wedding guests. While Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) was enjoying herself in her big day, Jeon Jae-joon (Park Sung-hoon) cast a jealous look her way. The scene was actually not a part of the drama, attracting attention on what the hints might mean to how the story would turn out. 

the glory

When the photos were released, actor Park Sung-hoon personally remained “immersed” in his role and said as if in Jeon Jae-joon’s voice, “I’m watching.” Then Lim Ji-yeon responded sensibly, “Can you look elsewhere?” In the drama, Jeon Jae-joon and Park Yeon-jin had an affair.

The Glory” is a revenge drama that follows Moon Dong Eun’s revenge plot to the high-school bullies who made her life miserable. She has prepared a meticulous plan as an adult to make them pay. The second part of the series is set to come out in March. 

Source: Wikitree

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