3 major things in the original webtoon of “Business Proposal” that were changed in the K-drama

Interesting parts from the webtoon did not make the K-drama final cut of “Business Proposal”. 

With only 4 episodes released so far, SBS’s new webtoon-based romantic comedy drama “Business Proposal” is gaining much interest from the audience thanks to its fun plot and a visual, charming cast. However, the live-action of “Business Proposal” still makes viewers feel regret because the following details from the original webtoon are not included in the drama.

1. Shin Ha Ri’s pink hair 

Kim Se Jeong is doing an amazing job portraying the adorable and chaotic female lead Shin Ha Ri. By taking her best friend’s place and pretending to be a femme fatale on a blind date, Ha Ri has a successful transformation that makes CEO Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop) unable to recognize that one of his employees and the girl he is fake dating are one person. 

A Business Proposal
Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) in the drama 

In the original webtoon, on the blind date, what makes Shin Ha Ri’s new look totally different from her usual styling is the pink wig. But in the drama, Shin Ha Ri only uses a dark brown wig with bleached highlights. Many viewers find this regrettable because it would be more fun if she also had pink hair in the drama. 

a business proposal

2. Kang Tae Mu’s thoughts

Kang Tae Mu is a workaholic. In the webtoon, because he is forced to go on too many blind dates that he finds useless and time-consuming, ahead of his match-up with Jin Young Seo, Kang Tae Mu has the thought, “I have to marry the one on the next blind date, whoever she is.” CEO Kang thinks that as long as the marriage does not affect his work, he doesn’t care. 

a business proposal
a business proposal

However, in the drama, it seems more like Kang Tae Mu wants to marry Shin Ha Ri because he is somewhat attracted to her personality that is not like any other woman he is arranged to meet. Although Ha Ri is indeed an interesting girl, Kang Tae Mu‘s development of thoughts in the webtoon make viewers better understand why this cold and distant man is so determined to marry a woman he only meets once. 

A Business Proposal

3. The scene where Ha Ri falls asleep at their 2nd meeting

In the webtoon, because Kang Tae Mu decides to marry Ha Ri after just one date, he makes an appointment to meet Ha Ri again. It is also at this second meeting that Tae Mu thinks Ha Ri is his destiny.

As someone who prioritizes work over everything else, at the 2nd meeting, because of an urgent matter at the company, Kang Tae Mu tells Shin Ha Ri he will be late for 20 minutes. But Ha Ri actually has to wait for Tae Mu for almost an hour. Kang Tae Mu thinks that if Ha Ri keeps waiting for him, she can be his destiny.

a business proposal
a business proposal

When Tae Mu arrives at the place, Ha Ri is indeed still waiting. After seeing Ha Ri falling asleep while waiting for him, Kang Tae Mu realizes it is destiny. 

In the drama version, this heart-fluttering scene is not included, making fans of the original webtoon disappointed. This scene explains why Kang Tae Mu notices and cares for Shin Ha Ri so much. Not only because he finds her interesting, but also because Kang Tae Mu considers Ha Ri his destiny.

A Business Proposal
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