Park Won Sook revealed that Choi Jin Sil called her before passing away, felt sorry for getting angry

Actress Park Won Sook revealed that she had a regrettable phone call with the late actress Choi Jin Sil before her death.

Actor Bang Eun Hee guested on KBS2’s “Living Together” broadcast aired on March 21st.

choi jin sil

Here, Bang Eun Hee firmly announced that she has no intention of getting married. In response, Bang Eun Yi said, “Being alone is nice, but sometimes I wonder, ‘What if I die alone?’”.

When asked about her siblings, Bang Eun Hee said, “I have two younger brothers. My mother gave birth to me early, when she was only 16. I was abandoned at the age of 4 because my mother was so poor”.

Continuing her family story, she said “My mom passed away three years ago. Before passing away last year, my dad slapped me and didn’t want to look at me because of the inheritance issue. I met my father after decades and upon hearing my voice, his eyes became clear, and he said, ‘There’s no hope.'”

choi jin sil

In addition, Park Won Sook also recalled the past. She said, “It was before that incident happened. One day, I received a call from Jin Sil early in the morning. She said, ‘Teacher, there’s a program called ‘Taxi’ hosted by Lee Young Ja. Can you come out on the program as a guest?’. I was quite angry because it was too late… at dawn… so I even asked back, ‘Do you know what time is it now?’.”

She added, “Jin Sil then said, ‘That’s how our lives are. I’m so sorry’. I told her to call later then hung up. A month later, that incident happened. I guess she wanted to talk to me. I feel so sorry.”

Source: Daum

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