“The Glory” Jung Sung Il transformed into “grasshopper” Yoo Jae Suk with glasses

Actor Jung Sung Il, who recently starred in the hit drama “The Glory”, revealed a Yoo Jae Suk look-alike appearance while wearing glasses.

On March 21st, a behind-the-scenes video featuring the cast members of “The Glory” was posted on Netflix’s official account.

jung sung il

In the released video, actors including Jung Sung Il, Cha Joo Young, Kim Hieora, Park Sung Hoon, and Kim Gun Woo are gathered together, taking photos and creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

When Jung Sung Il put glasses in Park Sung Hoon’s pocket, Park Sung Hoon asked, “Shouldn’t you be wearing the glasses?“, before giving the glasses to Jung Sung Il. Then, as Jung Sung Il put on the glasses, Park Sung Hoon started to call him “Jae Suk’s brother”, pointing out how he resembles entertainer Yoo Jae Suk (who has the nickname “grasshopper”).

jung sung il

In addition, Jung Sung Il, with his profound charm, has previously drawn attention for being a Yoo Jae Suk look-alike. As a result, there was even more interest in Jung Sung Il wearing glasses, causing the cast members to laugh together.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Part 2 was released on March 10th and is receiving worldwide attention.

Source: Nate

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