Park Min Young, whose K-drama just ended, appeared as a gorgeous and lovely muse

Actress Park Min Young released a pictorial full of lovely images.

In a handbag brand advertisement pictorial, which was released on November 14th, Park Min Young showed off her sensual year-end style using various mini bags as accessories along with colorful and eye-catching outfits.

Park Min Young

The actress exuded a luxurious and lovely vibe by combining a pearl chain, a bag with a golden frame decoration, and a pink dress. In another photo, she completed a trendy look by holding a bag with a subtle sheen and another heart-shaped bag while wearing a sequined skirt.

Finally, Park Min Young boasted an urban charm in a black slip dress alongside a small and shiny golden bag.

Park Min Young

Regarding Park Min Young’s pictorial, a representative of J.ESTINA Handbag said, “I hope that you will refer to Park Min Young’s holiday look at the end of the year when there are many big and small appointments with important people and show off your own unique year-end styling in accordance with the atmosphere of the gathering.

On the other hand, Park Min Young, whose K-drama “Love in Contract” recently concluded, is taking a break while searching for her next work.

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