Following in the footsteps of Song Hye Kyo, Park Min Young is criticized for having the same character style throughout many dramas

Park Min Young’s image in the new drama was considered too boring.

Park Min Young recently had a pretty successful comeback with the drama Forecasting Love and Weather with the young male lead Song Kang. In the drama, she plays a beautiful, talented manager who does not know how to be a proper leaderồi. She constantly has troubles in work, love and family.

Currently, Park Min Young is receiving a lot of praise for her role in this comeback. However, many people think otherwise and say that Park Min Young’s acting is monotonous as she’s loyal to an image of office worker with the bright colored shirts. Even Park Min Young‘s makeup and hairstyle are said to remain unchanged for many years, she still looks beautiful but too safe. Before Min Young, senior Song Hye Kyo was also criticized for the same reason. Many people also think that Park Min Young‘s acting through many films has not even improved.

Audience comments:

– She’s really hard working, but after What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, the acting, character, and visuals are all very similar.

– Well, she almost never changes her appearance.

– I also like Park Min Young’s High Kick and Sungkyunkwan but it’s true that everything is the same after What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

– Why do I feel like this is part 2 of What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? Is this when Ms. Kim became the head of the department?

– The character designs are all the same so I feel a bit bored. Park Min Young is afraid of change.

Besides the criticism, netizens also expressed their wish that Park Min Young would renew herself with more different character types. If Park Min Young continues to be safe with this image, perhaps it will be difficult for her to break through and be as successful as before.

Park Min Young
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