Park Eun-bin unconsciously summoned Woo Young-woo during a general interview

During a general interview, she unknowingly summoned lawyer Woo Young-woo, her role in the drama.

In June, Allure Korea released an interview video with Park Eun-bin through their official YouTube channel.

Park Eun-bin had time to read questions sent by fans through SNS in advance and answer them sincerely.

She shared that she prefers long hair to short hair. When asked “Who do you resemble more, mom or dad?”, she smilingly said, “I resemble my parents evenly.”

To a fan’s request “Tell me one of your secrets”, she replied wittily, “It’s a secret, so I’ll keep it well. I won’t tell you.”

Park Eun-bin, who kept talking with all her heart, drew attention by showing her actions and way of speaking like lawyer Woo Young-woo during this process.

park eun bin

It seems to be a happening because Park Eun-bin conducted the interview when she was immersed in the character Woo Young-woo while filming “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

In fact, at the drama’s press conference, Park Eun-bin said that she studied four diagnostic criteria related to autism spectrum in order not to give viewers a false perception of autism spectrum.

park eun bin

In this interview with Allure Korea, Park Eun-bin also expressed her affection for the work, “I didn’t refer to any references. I thought that if I acted after looking at the reference material, I’d copy it without realizing it. I focused on that and made the character Young-woo in the beginning.”

Netizens showed reactions such as “How much did she practice?” and “I can feel that she was serious about Young-woo.”

park eun bin

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” depicts the survival story of rookie lawyer Woo Young-woo at a large law firm. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM.

Source: insight

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