Park Bo-young Struggles With English On “Unexpected Business 3”, Park In-bee Joins The Team To Help

The preview video released at the end of tvN’s “Unexpected Business 3” broadcast on January 4th showed Kim Ah-joong leaving after completing her part-time missions.

After finishing her last task, Kim Ah-joong celebrated her last day in the US with Cha Tae-hyun, Jo In-sung, and other mart employees.

park bo young

The bosses and employees went to the mart the day after Kim Ah-joon left complaining of the amount of work and struggles. At that time, Park Bo-young, an experienced part-timer, showed up in the mart. Appearing with a bright smile, Park Bo-young said, “I came for a part-time job”. Surprised by how big the mart was, the actress exclaimed, “Why is it so big? What is this?”.

Park Bo-young worked hard, from rolling the gimbap to going around the kitchen and the counter. However, she struggled with the unexpected “English attack” when facing customers. She shared, “I want to cry”.

park bo young

Cha Tae-hyun comforted Park Bo-young, saying “Don’t worry about English today”. A little later, golfer Park In-bee appeared at the mart. As Park In-bee could respond to customers in English fluently, the work efficiency of the mart also increased. 

Later, Park Bo-young was seen smiling and waving enthusiastically to a baby customer, raising viewers’ expectations for the next broadcast.

Source: Nate

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