Original singer IU praised Park Seo Joon’s “Love poem” cover, “I feel so burdened… So nervous…” 

 Actor Park Seo Joon put on an immaculate cover of IU’s “Love poem” on “IU’s Palette”. 

On April 25th, Park Seo Joon, Jung Seung Gil, and Heo Jun Seok of the movie “Dream” appeared on the latest episode of IU’s “IU’s Palette” series released on the singer’s official channel. In the episode, Park Seo Joon chose IU’s “Love poem” to perform onstage. 

Standing in front of the camera with a slight tremor, Park Seo Joon sang with his eyes closed as the sweet accompaniment played. In particular, Seo Joon performed the high-pitched part smoothly, leaving IU speechless. IU praised, “You’ll get offers to officially record it”. 

After Park Seo Joon finished his performance, IU left a comment, saying, “The only one singing the entire song. Even just before our recording, Seo Joon continued to go on. I feel so burdened… So nervous…” Regarding the actor’s singing techniques, IU said, “The high notes, his volume, [delivery of] the lyrics during the intro. He knew where to put emphasis on”. Jung Seung Gil and Heo Jun Seok quickly chimed in and called him a “liar” because he did not reveal this talent before. 

Viewers responded positively, saying, “I thought he was only good at acting,” and “Please release a song”. 

Source: Insight 

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