Park Bo Gum fulfills his dream, starring in 1st musical “Let Me Fly”

Actor Park Bo Gum will embark on his 1st musical challenge with “Let My Fly”, scheduled to premiere in September. 

Park Bo Gum has decided to join the upcoming musical “Let Me Fly”, which is scheduled to premiere in September, and is coordinating the details.

After two years of development, the original musical “Let Me Fly”, which premiered in March last year, tells the story of protagonist Nam Won, who embarks on an adventurous time travel journey.

Park Bo Gum

At the time of its premiere, the musical received great acclaim from the audience and critics. It was nominated in six categories at the 7th Korean Musical Awards and won three awards, including Best Picture (under 400 seats), Best Composition, and Best New Actor (Lee Hyung- Hon), acknowledging its artistic value.

After watching the performance of “Let Me Fly” in June last year, Park Bo Gum even took a certification photo with lead actor Oh Eui Shik, who co-starred with him in the 2016 drama “Love in the Moonlight”.

Park Bo Gum’s love for musicals is well-known. Graduating from the Department of Film Musical at Myongji University, Park Bo Gum was active as a musical director during his time as a student and showcased his exceptional passion. He also participated as a music director in the school’s graduation production “Hairspray”, which achieved sold-out performances and received an explosive response.

Park Bo Gum

Even amidst busy schedules for dramas and film shoots, Park Bo Gum expressed his affection by attending various musical performances. In an interview, he revealed his desire to challenge himself in theater or musicals, saying, “Among the people I’ve met through works, there are many who have experience in musicals and plays. Seeing seniors active in various fields, I have a lot to learn.” He also hinted at his desire to try theater or musicals if given enough time to prepare.

The actor has been consistently active in music as well. In addition to participating in OSTs for the dramas he appeared in, Park Bo Gum passed the audition to serve as a keyboardist in the Cultural Promotion Unit of the Navy Band in 2020. In addition, he also showcased his impressive singing and dancing skills at fan meetings. 

As a result, anticipation is high as the audience wonder what charms and passionate performances Park Bo Gum will bring to the stage with his long-awaited musical debut.

On the other hand, “Let Me Fly” will be performed a total of 100 times from September 26th to December 10th at Yes24 Stage 1 in Daehak-ro, Seoul. Afterward, it will meet audiences in Busan and Anyang, among other locations.

Source: Nate 

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