“Exercise addict” Jang Hyuk shares, “I think Kim Jong-kook and I have a mental problem”

Actor Jang Hyuk mentioned Kim Jong-kook, his close friend.

The daily lives of ctor Jang Hyuk, singer Song Ga-in and girl group aespa were depicted on the July 2nd broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”.

On the show, Jang Hyuk explained, “I jump rope for 20 minutes and do boxing for two hours every day before my schedule”, adding, “Exercises like Jeet Kune Do and boxing help me a lot in acting”.

Mentioning his friend Kim Jong-kook, he then said, “I think Kim Jong-kook and I have a mental problem with exercises. We are not often late, but if we’re late, we would practice until we finish the whole working-out set. We can’t stand such uncomfortable feelings.

He continued, “Also, as I get older, I sometimes wonder if I did the working-out set properly. Every time, I’d end up doing it one more time .”

Source: wikitree

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