BTS Jimin turned the world upside down… Cutie sexy boy with amazing core strength

BTS Jimin shared a playful photo boasting his tremendous core strength.

On Jan 9th, through fan community platform Weverse, Jimin uploaded a black-and-white photo of him holding a large bench while wearing a beanie that he has frequently shown recently. Jimin reversed his difficult handstand on the bench. His tremendous core power that seemed to overturn the world aroused admiration as well as gave fans surprise and joy.

BTS Jimin Weverse

Jimin’s excellent sense of balance and core strength shone even more, making him a sexy star with full-body muscles and special abs contrary to his cute visual.

BTS Jimin Weverse

Fans left various comments such as “Ah, did you turn the picture upside down? You’re so cute”, “How far is Jimin’s core strength?”, “You are so creative!!!”, “Jimin has a great sense of balance”, “Jimin, the happy fairy who shared happiness today too”…

BTS Jimin Weverse
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