No:ze’s agency, “We don’t understand her ‘media play’ action after 7 months but will support the artist until contract ends”

Starting House complained of unfairness in the settlement dispute with choreographer No:ze (Noh Ji Hye).

According to Ten Asia’s report on March 9th, Starting House accused No:ze of manipulating the media 7 months after their meeting related to settlements. In March last year, Starting House and No:ze had talked about changing the settlement date, which was a request from No:ze.


The agency insisted that they had paid No:ze all the settlement money even when the dancer was suffering the ‘SNS advertisement’ abuse of power scandal. Starting House explained that the payment delay was because they were busy solving No:ze’s power trip controversy.

The agency expressed frustration, stating that if No:ze had intended to proceed with legal action related to the settlement, she should have done so in March last year. The agency emphasized that they had waited for the controversy to subside, but after 7 months, she tried to do media play.


According to the legal circle, No:ze filed a lawsuit against her agency Starting House with the Seoul Central District Court in December last year to confirm the non-existence of debt. 

She also applied for an injunction to suspend the effect of her exclusive contract with the agency until the lawsuit is concluded.

However, Starting House maintains its position that it will support No:ze as an artist until the contract ends because there has been no ruling yet.

Source: Naver

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