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Kim Jong Kook’s mother made a surprise appearance on “My Little Old Boy” after recovering her health

Kim Jong Kook’s mother, who temporarily left SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” due to health problems in April last year, appeared on the show again.

On the January 29th broadcast of “My Little Old Boy”, Kim Jong Kook invited Lee Sang Min to his house while preparing a cooking event for his mother. Lee Sang Min then visited Kim Jong Kook’s house with Kim Hee Chul and Din Din.

Kim Jong Kook

Lee Sang Min showed a serious look, saying “The most precious meal in the world is not made of good ingredients, but a meal cooked by your own son”, adding “You’re cooking for your mother so don’t play around. You don’t need to be funny. What’s important is your sincerity and concentration”.

Calling Kim Jong Kook a “mama boy”, Kim Hee Chul said, “He often makes video calls with his mom when washing the dishes. During Turbo era, every time he had a test, his mother always went to school with him”. In response, Kim Jong Kook confessed, “Doing a video call with mom when washing the dishes every day is a meaningful time”.

Kim Jong Kook

The menu they chose was chueotang (loach soup) and doribaengbaeng. Kim Jong Kook was in charge of washing and preparing the loach. However, when he sprinkled salt on the loach without using a lid, the loach escaped and quickly turned the kitchen into a mess. He continued to get mad when Kim Hee Chul and Din Din used too many tissues.

Later, Kim Jong Kook’s mother showed up on the program with a much healthier appearance. MC Seo Jang Hoon, who watched the video from the studio, said, “What a relief. She has recovered well”. Other mothers of “My Little Old Boy” were also happy to know the current status of Kim Jong Kook’s mother.

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